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Hex Shaft Pond Net with Handle
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Buy Hex Shaft Pond Net with Handle

Hex Shaft Pond Net with Handle

Retail Price: US$ 35/-
Special Price: US$ 28/- (Buy Hex Shaft Pond Net with Handle)
Hex Shaft Pond Net with Handle
This versatile pond net is perfect for general fish-catching and debris removal.

The hexagonal structure of the telescoping handle makes this net sturdy and strong when fully extended, making this the optimum net for an extra-large pond.

Black netting is strong, yet gentle on fish. Helps make maintenance work in and around ponds very convenient.

Size: Net handle fully extended is 5 feet long. Specially-designed net remains extremely sturdy even at its maximum 5' extension.

Brass coloring makes it stand out in water or lying in the grass beside your pond or water garden. A versatile net is a must-have for any pond owner.


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